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Logitech Driving Force E-uc2 Driver Windows 7 (April-2022)




Javone 17, 1399 AP Windows detects the Logitech Driving Force GT wheel, but no game software or logitech games do. Oops. This didn't seem to help. In fact, Windows tried to scan my Logitech e-Gaze and told me it is a "driver" that is not currently installed. All software has been updated. Additional info: I have read: Logitech e-Gaze Wheel on touch screen installation: Unable to connect gamepad with Logitech Driving Force GT on Windows 7: Windows 7 Logitech Driving Force GT No driver? Logitech Driving Force GT (FC660) without a driver is detected by my game, but not by the game itself (needless to say I tried to install the drivers from the logitech website, but I have only the logitech gui drivers for windows, but not the Logitech driving force software.) How can I get Logitech Driving Force GT to detect my wheel in Windows 7? A: Had the same problem. Solution for my situation is: Go to Control panel, Mouse, and make sure the Wheel is turned on. If it isn't, you can just turn it on. Then click the ellipses to open the mouse properties dialog. Click on the "Advanced" tab. Make sure your Wheel is ticked in the "Physical Buttons" drop down menu. Click the "Close" button. Your Logitech will show up in the Game Control section. A: The Logitech e-Gaze is the new replacement for the OLD e-Gaze. The new e-




Logitech Driving Force E-uc2 Driver Windows 7 (April-2022)

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